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How do we help?

The likes are not enough to carry out our work; that is why our activities are for the whole family and focus on uniting the international community to know about our work and see the love of Jesus made action. We bring gifts to children at Christmas, provide school supplies, carry out education campaigns on values ​​and strengthening of family ties, provide food, teaching materials; all, being relevant to the Gospel message.

What do we do?

Our Causes

Vulnerable Children

In 2017, 321 children died of malnutrition in the country. Which, on average, means that a child dies daily. According to Dane, 869,000 children and teenagers between the ages of 5 and 17 work in Colombia. The cities with the highest rate of child exploitation are Neiva, Sincelejo, Pasto, Armenia, and Cali. So this encourages us to work for children and to strive to grow in resources, and to be able to reach other cities in Colombia and then to other countries.

Kids With Cancer

There are more than 1500 cases of children with cancer each year in Colombia, without counting other diseases. Unfortunately, in Colombia, no hospital can cover the costs of treating children with cancer or other conditions. Our compromise is to bring a Droppy a message of hope, teaching them about the love of Jesus. Our commitment is helping with the cost of treatment in hospitals such as the University of Cali and HOMI in Bogotá. For this work, we are counting on you.

Protective Environments

How many children do not go to school in Colombia?

Poverty, lack of infrastructure, and lack of interest are part of the causes. Unicef ​​produced a very worrying figure: around 1.5 million children and teenagers in Colombia, between the ages of 5 and 16, do not go to school for different reasons. The sports modality of the Flying Disc (Ultimate Frisbee) has been cataloged as an avant-garde tool for the resolution of conflicts in our society; its game philosophy: The "Spirit of the Game," allows its practitioners to build sports and social communities, favored by the human action of DIALOGUE, being a self-referred and self-regulating sport.

The CHIKARA sports club in the city of Santiago de Cali in Colombia, for four years, adopted this "philosophy of life," becoming an example of a PROTECTIVE ENVIRONMENT for the youth population in vulnerable communities where training in values ​​of BEING is promoted using sports, academic and recreational practice.

That is why Drops of Love International foundation and the Chikara Club formalized an alliance to continue to encourage this protective environment for the provision of more young people in the city of Cali—giving them sports training with highly qualified coaches, training classes in values ​​, and promoting the acquisition of a second language such as English through virtual courses.


Through the love of God, Be a bridge in the transformation, dignity, and quality of life in children with cancer, unprotected, victims of social violence, teaching them through recreational games and sports activities to build a relationship with God.












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We serve children in a state of vulnerability and poverty, in rural areas and children diagnosed with cancer.

How do we help

We carry out events that integrate the international community, promoting Latin culture focused on Colombian culture, crafts, gastronomy, folklore, integrating with other Latin American countries such as Mexico, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Venezuela, and more.

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